Grief Education Classes


This is a 6-week series of grief education classes for those who have experienced the death of a loved one. Participants will explore, within a trusting and nurturing environment, their reactions to loss, learn about the grieving process, develop strategies for coping and begin to integrate this change into their lives, in order to move forward.

(We are currently inbetween classes)


Group Goals

  1. Offer education to those in the grieving process.

  2. Help grieving person(s) reduce their isolation.

  3. Help grieving person(s) explore strategies for recovery.

  4. Help link those in the grieving process to resources.

 Facilitator: Wanda Thomas

There is no charge for the class and you do not have to register to attend. For more information, call Wanda Thomas at 276-733-6556 lhmlogo


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