Our Values

Hope Community Church exists for the sole purpose of bringing glory to God. We are committed to being a life giving community that connects people and grows disciples, in order to present Christ, who will be faithful in transforming lives. In order for this to occur we feel that the following core values must serve as a guide for everything we do.


1. Accountability - to keep us growing.

Christian accountability is critical to the life of a church because within it can be found a system of checks and balances for the believer. Being held responsible for our actions by one or more individuals promotes accountability to Christ as well as to others within the community. Accountability involves challenging, supporting, and encouraging one another and without it spiritual growth cannot occur.

2. Leadership - to keep us moving.

If we are to be a light to the world, there must be real, godly leadership of all ages throughout the church. Those who truly desire to lead must humble themselves and be willing to take the position of servant. By taking this position we are more likely to influence and direct unbelievers to Christ and at the same time we will be better able to equip and empower believers to accomplish God’s will.

3. Involvement - to keep us connected.

We demonstrate love and loyalty toward Christ and His church through involvement. It is our responsibility to each other and our obligation as followers of Christ to identify and apply the spiritual gifts that we have been given. All spiritual gifts are interconnected and when one individual neglects his or her role the entire community suffers as a result.

4. Truth - to keep us anchored.

Truth is everything that is consistent with the mind, will, and character of God. The bible, which is the very Word of God, reveals to us absolute truth without any mixture of error. For this reason, its teachings are completely relevant to our daily lives. Nothing can transform a person’s life like the truth, therefore, the scriptures must be central to any community of believers.

5. Enthusiasm - to keep us desirable.

Enthusiasm comes from a Greek word which literally means to be “inspired and possessed by God.” So it seems logical that it would be found in any community of believers. Enthusiasm is the fuel that empowers the Christian, therefore it must feed all the programs within a healthy community. Without enthusiasm the church will fail to impact others, begin to wither, and eventually die.


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